Pernice Round Body

The newest addition to the Zoli line up, the Pernice is a perfectly balanced game gun with a difference. It has it’s DNA from the acclaimed Z-Gun line up. So it has the drop out triggers, the boss style locking and an action forged from a solid piece of steel.


The weight has been reduced sufficiently without compromise to the inherent strength coming from the Zoli competition guns. This makes this gun a perfect game gun that will out live any mortal.

The engraving is exquisite and a collaboration between Zoli & Bottega engraving studios. Why not visit the factory and the engraving studios to see how these guns are made and then engraved by some of the master engravers from this world-renowned engraving studio.


For an additional cost, you can have the competition Bilanx system added to this gun. This allows you to change the handling characteristics to suit your chosen quarry. The same gun for extreme high pheasant and walked up grouse, making this gun very cost effective.

  • The Pernice is available in 20, 28 and .410 ga. and can be equipped with a second barrels.
  • Barrels are totally silver soldered and equipped with a top solid Churchill rib.
  • The oil finished Prince of Wales stock features fine hand checkering.
  • The frame is a true round body (sides of the frame are rounded). The frame is machined from a monolithic forged steel alloy with a ZOLI designed removable trigger group
  • Removable Trigger Group – All trigger parts are titanium nitrate treated for a maximum corrosion resistance. Main springs are coated with a self lubricating material to preserve the strength over time.
  • The exquisite scroll engraving, is totally finished by hand, signed by the famous Bottega incisioni.

These guns are available with a free fitting at our premises in Birmingham.  Alternatively you may wish to visit the factory to appreciate the engineering that goes into making these incredibly robust game guns.

Available in 12, 20 & 20 gauge.

Barrel lengths: 28″, 30″, 32″ & 34″ (34″ only on 12 gauge)

Grade 3 turkish walnut, although this can be upgraded if required.

Stock format, semi pistol or English straight hand.

You can watch a video review of this gun by clicking here.

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