Game Gun Lux

The groundbreaking Zoli Game Gun Lux is a hybrid between a Technical Sporter and a Classic Game Gun, allowing it to be used for both sports. The Lux version features upgraded wood and gold detail engraving on the side on the action.

While the gun’s exterior is aesthetically attractive, this is a serious product designed with optimum functionality in mind – they are the only shotguns in their class to feature a detachable trigger unit and silver soldered barrels.Perfectly balanced, with a well-placed pistol grip, their low energy efficiency gives noticeably low recoil, enabling shooters to concentrate on the target.


There’s a science to manufacturing, and there’s a science to shooting, and shot after shot, Zoli understand what it takes to ensure that all the technical elements of their shotguns interact with their owners in such a dynamic way, that the benefit is indisputable.