Z-Sport Extra

The Z-Sport ‘Extra’ is as you would expect, technically the same as the Z-Sport with added extras. Fine engraving with gold inlayed ‘Z’ logo on the sides of the action. The select turkish walnut has been upgraded to 4*.


If you want all the trappings of the Z-Sport in a prettier package, the ‘Extra’ is for you.

Gauges: 12, 20 & 28.

Barrel lengths: 28″, 30″, 32″ & 34″. 34″ only on 12 gauge.

Formats available: Sporting, Skeet and Trap.

Rib styles: Flat sporting, Semi stepped rib and full high rib.

If you are interested in a Z-Sport extra, it is available with a free fitting at our premises. However if you are interested in the ‘Extra’ we’d recommend a visit to the factory so you can select your wood and have a fitting during your visit.

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