Prices starting from £3,500

 The Kronos from Zoli is the entry level competition gun. It has all the characteristics of a true competition gun and no corners have been cut in regard to its engineering. You’ll find that each Kronos balances perfectly on the hinge pin.


The Kronos comes with an action made from a solid piece of forged steel, a detachable trigger group, a Boss-type locking system and complete stock interchangeability. The most prestigious British guns, particularly the “Boss”, were the inspiration when we designed our low profile action.


The way in which the gun is designed means it keeps recoil to a minimum with limited or no upward ‘whip’ when the top barrel is fired. This means the gun is incredibly comfortable to mount and shoot, giving added confidence to the user. The real strength of the Zoli is in the construction of the barrels. Zoli are master barrel makers and made all of the Beretta barrels during the 1980’s (the period considered by many, the height of Beretta durability). Zoli have gone even further in development of the barrels, testing and tweaking the barrels under a variety of conditions such as load and frequency of firing. Using the latest in x-ray technology to ensure the barrels are at the very forefront of ballistic capabilities.

The Kronos is available in either TrapSporting and Skeet format with either black or silver action. You can also add a comb raiser and/or a high rib. The wood is grade 2* turkish walnut. Contact a Premium Dealer to arrange a demo of these fantastic guns.

Available in 12 and 20 gauge. Barrel lengths from 28″ to 34″ (34″ on 12 gauge only).

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