How to Shoot – Eye Dominance

The forth in a series of How to Shoot videos from Zoli Ambassador Brad Kidd Jnr. Eye Dominance is a key thing to understand about how to best set up a gun for yourself. For those competition shooters amongst you, a different rib can sometimes assist with this. Zoli do a normal Sporting Rib, SteppedContinue reading “How to Shoot – Eye Dominance”

Zoli XL-Evo with Paulo Zoli

The Zoli XL-Evo Competition gun is completely unique and built with the serious competition shooter in mind. A slight correction to the video below is that while the gun has a Boss style locking bolt, the action is not in fact like a Boss such as Perazzi, Perugini & Visini or our own Horton overContinue reading “Zoli XL-Evo with Paulo Zoli”

The new Zoli ‘Bella’

Zoli have just bought to the market a dedicated ladies competition gun, the ‘Bella’. With stock dimensions more suitable for the lady shooter this true competition gun will surely be a success against those ladies who wish to improve scores. Available in Black or Coin action and featuring inlaid crystals for finishing touches. 28″, 29.5″Continue reading “The new Zoli ‘Bella’”