Zoli XL-Evo with Paulo Zoli

The Zoli XL-Evo Competition gun is completely unique and built with the serious competition shooter in mind. A slight correction to the video below is that while the gun has a Boss style locking bolt, the action is not in fact like a Boss such as Perazzi, Perugini & Visini or our own Horton over and under guns that are in prototype stage. That is not at all in detriment to the Zoli action which is comparably as strong and durable. If you are interested in a Zoli XL-Evo please contact W Horton & Sons to discuss your requirements.

How to Shoot – Meet the students

The second in a series of How to Shoot videos from Zoli Ambassador, Brad Kidd Jnr. There will be another video posted every other night until the end of September.

Brad himself shoots a Zoli Ambasador

Zoli don’t just manufacture superb competition guns but also a range of game guns that rival that of the Perazzi and Kreighoff.

How to shoot – Intro and Safety

Welcome to this first in a series of 16 short videos from Brad Kidd Jnr who is a Zoli brand ambassador with a list of honours and awards in the field of shooting including;

  • 5 top 5 finishes at US Open
  • 2010 USA National Champion
  • 2011 World English Runner Up
  • 2013 FITASC World Champion Runner Up
  • 17 Time All American
  • 10 Time Team USA

A new video will be posted every other night until the 27th September 2019. Makesure you check out the rest of the W Horton & Sons Zoli site and the latest Zoli Retail price list.

The new Zoli ‘Bella’

Zoli have just bought to the market a dedicated ladies competition gun, the ‘Bella’. With stock dimensions more suitable for the lady shooter this true competition gun will surely be a success against those ladies who wish to improve scores. Available in Black or Coin action and featuring inlaid crystals for finishing touches. 28″, 29.5″ or 32″ barrels in 12 or 20g. With standard Bilanx system.