How to Shoot – Gun Mount

The sixth in a series of short videos on how to shoot from Brad Kidd Jnr. A consistent gun mount is essential and must be so before you have any gun fitting. W Horton & Sons offer a free gun fitting service with any Zoli, Chapuis, Grulla or Merkel  Costs of custom stocks differ by brand and gun/rifle

How to Shoot – Stance

The fifth in a series of how to shoot videos from Zoli Ambassador, Brad Kidd Jnr. In this short video Brad explains the basics about stance and how a good consistent stance will also allow you to improve the consistency of your Gun mount. Now while Game shooting is a little different to Clay shooting, the same theory of stance and mount still applies. If you’ve missed any of the videos so far, feel free to catch up on our Zoli Blog.

How to Shoot – Eye Dominance

The forth in a series of How to Shoot videos from Zoli Ambassador Brad Kidd Jnr. Eye Dominance is a key thing to understand about how to best set up a gun for yourself. For those competition shooters amongst you, a different rib can sometimes assist with this. Zoli do a normal Sporting Rib, Stepped Rib and full High Rib

Congratulations to Stuart Clark

Congratulations to Stuart Clarke for achieving Silver medal and veterans champion in the British Open English Sporting.
A list of some of his achievements below, and he chooses Zoli.
  • Two Time World Sporting Championship
  • Two Time Beretta World Sporting
  • Two Time British Open Sporting
  • Two Time English Open Sporting Champion
  • Two Time British FITASC Grand Prix Champion
  • Three Time English FITASC Grand Prix (Record Score)
  • UK FTTASC Championship Champion
  • US Triple Crown Championship
  • American National FITASC Champion
  • German FITASC Grand Prix Champion
  • Belgian FITASC Grand Prix Champion
  • World Cup FITASC Champion

Stuart Clarke

Zoli Expedition Game

The Zoli Expedition is a superb quality game gun that shares all the DNA of the Z-Gun line up including drop out triggers. We have a real beauty for sale that we are just about to apply an English finish to. Click the Image below to see the Gun we have for sale. Also see our blog post ‘Appearances Matter’ to see the difference an English oil finish makes to these guns. Have one or pair of these made to measure with exhibition wood and English oil finish, they would look and handle superb in the field.


How to shoot – Vision

The third in a series of How to Shoot videos on vision from Brad Kidd Jnr, a Zoli ambassador. Do you squint or close one eye while shooting??

For those of you not familar with who Brad Kidd Jnr is? Then see this link to see a short video about him and why he shoots a Zoli shotgun.

Up next after the below in this series is Eye Dominance on Tuesday evening. If you haven’t seen the first two videos, please check the Zoli Blog

Be sure to check out the Zoli Kronos which is a great entry level competition gun.

How to Shoot – Meet the Coach

For those of you following the series of How to Shoot videos, you may be wondering who Brad Kidd Jnr is? This short video below gives you an insight into who Brad is and why he chooses to shoot with a Zoli. Below is a list of some of his achievements.

  • 5 top 5 finishes at US Open
  • 2010 USA National Champion
  • 2011 World English Runner Up
  • 2013 FITASC World Champion Runner Up
  • 17 Time All American
  • 10 Time Team USA

If you want to watch all the videos as they are published be sure to like the W Horton & Sons facebook page. Below is a list of all the videos in this series, if you’ve missed any so far check out the Zoli Shotgun blog.

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