Custom Zoli, A Perazzi HPX replacement

A long standing client of ours previously shot well with a Perazzi HPX 34″, however after some problems with the stock head cracking which is a well known problem with Perazzi. The client decided to look at Zoli and after a factory tour was so impressed he doubled his budget to have this gun made to his measurements. Opting for an English oil finish which is now underway and we will post some pictures after we’ve completed it. The Schilling case colour hardened finish is superb, sure you’ll agree.

What’s in an action

Zoli have long been known for excellent competition guns with the entry level Kronos, mid range Z-Sport and high end Z-Sport extra and up into the full custom guns.

When it comes to high bird game shooting, the Perazzi MX8 & laterly MXS has been the go too gun for many. The Zoli action is very similar/comparable in design and manufacture to the Perazzi MXS, more cost effective and slightly lighter than the MXS (c8lb vs 8.2lb). Below left is the Perazzi MXS and on the right, the Zoli Kronos. The Zoli and Perazzi action design have DNA that goes back to the original Boss & Co design, read our own W Horton & Sons blog ‘Perfect Gun’ and in particular the post about the origins of the over and under.


With the Zoli Kronos starting at £3,510 in sporting format with various upgrade options and the ability to have them made to measure at little extra cost. The Z-Sport guns and above are available with 34″ barrels and if you prefer a little more engraving then the Expedition EL and others offer a full range of options that will suit any game shot. Mate that with our own inhouse ability to finish and detail the gun to add extra personal touches, we believe the Zoli guns offer a very credible alternative to the Perazzi.

Why not book in for a fitting with us and view some of the Zoli guns for yourself or alternatively talk to us about a Zoli factory visit.

How to Shoot – True Pairs

The last in a series of how to shoot videos from Zoli top shot Brad Kidd Jnr. If you’re interested in a Zoli for either game or clay please get in touch with us W Horton & Sons They are excellent guns and comparable to Perazzi, Krieghoff etc.

This video is on how to shoot true pairs! If you can master this, the incremental improvements from putting the hours in will only improve your scores even further.

How to Shoot – Report Pairs

The fourteenth video in the series of How to shoot videos and we are now pretty advanced. How to shoot report pairs.

Thanks to Brad for making these videos and sharing his knowledge. If you haven’t had time to see these videos, please view them on our blog and watch them in order.