How to Shoot – Meet the Coach

For those of you following the series of How to Shoot videos, you may be wondering who Brad Kidd Jnr is? This short video below gives you an insight into who Brad is and why he chooses to shoot with a Zoli. Below is a list of some of his achievements.

  • 5 top 5 finishes at US Open
  • 2010 USA National Champion
  • 2011 World English Runner Up
  • 2013 FITASC World Champion Runner Up
  • 17 Time All American
  • 10 Time Team USA

If you want to watch all the videos as they are published be sure to like the W Horton & Sons facebook page. Below is a list of all the videos in this series, if you’ve missed any so far check out the Zoli Shotgun blog.

How to shoot – Intro and Safety
How to Shoot – Meet the students
How to shoot – Vision
How to Shoot – Eye Dominance
How to Shoot – Stance
How to Shoot – Gun Fit
How to Shoot – Practice
How to Shoot – Basic Technique
How to Shoot – Fine Tune
How to Shoot – Don’t try to hit it, Try to see it.
How to Shoot – Body moves the Gun
How to Shoot – the follow through
How to Shoot – Practice part 2
How to Shoot – Report Pairs
How to Shoot – True Pairs

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