Welcome to the Zoli UK site brought to you by W Horton & Sons (Est 1855). We are a Zoli premier dealer based in Birmingham’s historic gun qurter.

You will find comprehensive information about the Zoli competition and game guns within the various pages. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please use the contact us page and we’ll endeavour to assist you promptly.

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Zoli, a great family of quality

The Horton & Zoli families have a lot in common, it is probably why we connect and why we appreciate quality of design and engineering that goes into every Zoli gun. Both families have a long tradition within the ‘Gun Trade’, Zoli dating┬áback to 1490 and Horton dating┬áback to 1750.

Both families have a tradition of father & son working together. One thing is for sure, both families have a passion for quality. Quality Product & Quality Service.